Fun Loop-video messages
that disappear in 7 seconds
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Traditional messaging is plain and boring!
Loop Videos, Photos & Text
Text messaging can never capture how you really feel... Now, with HASH, you can say it how you mean it.
You snooze, You lose
Every message lasts 7 seconds so be quick to read before it disappears.
Told you it will be FUN!
Loops are short videos with text that capture a moment in a unique way in order to bring your messages to life. The loop will repeat itself until disappears.
Group Messaging
At work, on the road, or on vacation, share your experiences with your friends using Group Messaging. Everyone can pitch into the fun with up to 20 members per group.
Enrich your life and your messages
Your Other Messenger
HASH isn't replacing your existing messenger; it's just the app you use to text in a fun way
No Histories
Messages are never saved and once the timer runs out you will never see it again.
Naughty, naughty: HASH notifies you when someone has taken a screenshot. We just want you to know!
The HASH Team
Mayer Mizrachi
Luis Loaiza
Alberto Vera
Daniel Tigse
Lead Developer
Leonardo Larrea
Mobile Developer
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